Apparel Design

Click to see examples of apparel design by graphic designer Justin Baar

Below are examples of my apparel design work I have done for my own company, Happy in the Brine, and for Buck Knives. I am well versed in apparel and screen printing. I have worked with manufacturers to have hats designed.

Instagram Stories Design

Click to see examples of Instagram stories by graphic designer Justin Baar

I ran all social media accounts for Buck Knives. As a knife manufacturer we were not able to used paid tools on most social media platforms. This lead to a fully organic approach to growth and awareness. Targeting certain audiences using hashtags and a few other tricks lead our account to grow over 100k followers in one year. Here are a couple of stories that I ran along the way.

Banner Ads

Click to see banner ad design example by graphic designer Justin Baar

Banner ads for Buck Knives. These were used as part of our SEM strategy. I am responsible for the copy, CTAs, design, and I did the photography for these featured ads.

Catalog Design

Click to see catalog design examples from graphic designer Justin Baar

I have had the pleasure of designing 3 80+ page dealer catalogs for Buck Knives. I was the sole designer on each of these projects. Our catalogs were printed with satin finished covers and perfect binding for a quality feel.

Email Design

Click to see examples of email design by graphic designer Justin Baar

I am responsible for all aspects of thethe email marketing at Buck Knives. From managing list, to copy writing, CTAs, segmentation, growth, design, and sometimes even the photography.

Website Hero Images

Click to see website hero image designs from graphic design Justin Baar

Responsive hero image design for the homepage. I was responsible for the layout, copy, and I even did the photography on the last 3 images.